Nov 15, 2009

Are you CONFIDENT enough? Read every word of this.

This is about LOVE and CONFIDENT.

Do the two sounds relevant?

I was thinking bout ONE of the hundreds confidence factors that i'd just discovered, that is...Love! Let me share with you!

Im not goin to talk about jiwang things, I promise. Someone may get sick. Hehe…

The love that I meant is that given by people around you? Who? Take a look who are around you? Do they make you feel contented? Do they always laugh to anything you said? Do they response you? If they do, you know that world is loving you. That ‘love’ gives you CONFIDENT. The more people love you, the more you feel comfort to be totally you!

But…What if you didn’t receive any? Let say…a person who hated by many people but always stand up straight and reflect its confident from his face by the time he talks to us. Erm… yes, our boss perhaps! He knows that we hate him much. Believe me, he cheat himself! He is using a lot of energy every time he talks, to spawn his confident. He has no choice to be a ‘poyo’ person to make him look stand out. He is the person who always in depress day by day. But he is indeed a very strong, motivated and a fighter person.

Then, let’s perceive a good example of a person who has enough love. Miley Cyrus! She is not only talented, yet she looks adorable. She always looks 28-years-old stunning little lady on stage. Perfectly rocks us! Erm…I mean… their fans. How does she get the professional confident in her young age without try hard and consume too much energy? She may admit us, the love & the cheers from people inspire her to be truly herself. People make her easy to show what she is under her own skin.

Have we wondered why some people who alienated are not talking too much? Let’s picturing one! He is wearing glasses with a tons of books burdened on his arm and always look down when he make his way to crowds. He may feel uneasy to be around people cuz people make him feeling threatened. If he said something wrong, nobody defend him. He knows he doesn’t a likable person. That makes him push himself away from us; a group that know how to share laugh for each other.

There are also some people who laugh a lot but when it comes to talk, he may hide himself on your back. Shy he may be… Why have to shy? Because he may afraid that his word is not ‘in-topic’ or not good enough to be shared. Sama macam kes ‘rasa tak disukai’ jugak. So, it’s enough to downgrade his confident level to talk. Gelak aje sudey…

That’s what I discovered in myself. Me on a year ago, in UiTM- I cheered, I laughed, I played and run around cheerfully, I sang piercingly, I was really feel comfort to be me and crazy around til’ sometimes I didn’t care to annoy people. Cuz what?? Because I have lots of friends and they made me felt I was loved. They joined me cheers, they laughed to my jokes, and they joined me on whatever I do and wrawk my world.

A year later, I have no one of them around me here, or even someone to relocate them. It’s a new environment adaptation matter. Maybe it’s not that hard to some people to start over but to me, in ID industry, seniority upholding thing is always a matter. Hell hard to ‘flexibilate’ yourself in this situation. Belum apa-apa, kita da rasa keciiikkkkkk kat dunia orang. Walaubagaimanapon, I believe there’s a way to adapt a new world we entered.

Dear people, if you always try to fit yourself around your new environment, though thing goes differently than what it should be, just chillax. If you found that your ‘hi’, your words or whatsofuckever you do are not valued or responded, you have to put a belief in yourself that world still spins and you are walking on it. Then, just walk out over them and start to say ‘hi’ to others that may acknowledge your existence. Or… Just focus to the sebab you are there. If you are there to work, just do your work. Gaji still on ape! And when the weekend tiba, call your friends, plan some activities, spend and rawk your world with your frenzied friends or your loved ones.

You should know that world is not always on a good side. In your life, there are 2 sides of world that you have to be in. ‘The great’ and ‘the not’. You have to get into unexcited side of world to learn many things and be a grown person.’

Just like a quote in Hannah Montana film I just watched, ‘Life is climb man! But the view is great!’

Now I myself can see how important to response positively to people to make them feel loved & confident. And I now know, I gotta show my total love to people I love. Perhaps, when I have my kids, I would never let them lack of love. I will raise them with love and encouragement. Kids should receive enough love from pa & ma to breed their confident level. I wish to stay away from angriness or saying “don’t” to them! I will let they explore their world. I believe, saying “don’t” will just scare them, lead a negative thought to them and drop off their confident level. Ups… Sorry for termelalut…

Let’s find people’s love!

How to find people’s love? I think Dr Fadilah Kamsah had published a book about it. If I’m not mistaken, the title is ‘Menjadi Insan Menarik’ kot! Aiya! Have to look at the bookstore la! But I bet u, it’s a really good book to read! ;P


p/s: Sorry for the grammatical errors.